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Appendix 1 Pictorial Memories of Bald Hills and Bracken Ridge

A bit older but an Anzac Day March in Bald Hills c1959 taken by my mother in law
outside their shop.  Note the state of the kerb and channelling.
The Bracken Ridge Kindy Kids we had a visit from some very clever dogs
Joanne's year c 1983

St Joseph's Fete, with the dancers from Trish Murphy Studio c 1986
A Library - August 1987

The kids had to come in book costume, this is the Norris Road kids probably Grade 3
The opening of the Library August 1987

Ald. Keith Murray first bike path in Norris Road 1987

Norris Road State School and the Oval

St Paul's School Auditorium

The lands behind St Pauls, previously would have been the dairy farms, but home to our cow Jersey Maid.
When St Paul's Rural Youth folded, we had to buy an acreage property to keep her in.

One great thing about keeping a web journal or blog, is the ability to keep it up to date with new material!

Some people would not recognise the area as it was 30 years ago!

This is the view from Phillips Street towards the City, before Enbrook Heights was even thought about.

The farm on top of Phillips Street and Warrimoo Street junction

The lands of Enbrook Estate 

From the Reservoir towards Moreton Bay   We had this view also from our Wilpie Street house.

From Telegraph Road

From Pellinore Road towards the Pine River

Our property at Norris Road, at the bus stop opposite the TAFE

After doing the research, I realise that these trees have been there forever.  Some were massive Ironbarks.

The top of our land, plus a couple of free range chooks!  We had a view to the Pine River from here, and had cleared

My longest employee, Emilie.

 No one in Bracken Ridge who rented from either of my offices, would ever forget Emilie.

She loved to natter with the tenants, and she used to have a toothbrush on hand to show them how to clean the grout.

Her claim to fame was opening the door of the Westpac Bank in Barrett Street, to allow a robber to escape.

She had gone into the bank to do some banking for us, and we wondered why she was taking so long.  Having a chat with the girls we agreed.  Well that changed when the sirens came from everywhere.  The bank had been robbed, and was in shut-down!  I don't think we ever let her forget that day.  

And cook, any wonder we put on weight as we got older.  

So very sad, that her wonderful daughter, Deanne, a fantastic chef, working in the top restaurants is no longer with us.

Emilie used to live in Walu Street, and never forgot all her wonderful neighbours.  She was a member of St Joseph's, and new everyone in the suburb.  Later she moved to Boondall, then she moved into a new home built by Jim Heit at Taigum.

Working in the real estate industry is a real eye opener.  Working in it for more than 20 years more so.  Probably the best industry to prepare anyone for whatever life throws up as challenges.

Emilie and I were also "one-toks" she from Rabaul, and me from "Bougainville".

Emilie used to often say to me "Krissie, you have to right a story"  My answer was "no-one would believe it"

Little did I realise that there was a story in those experiences, not focused on the day to day unbelievable events that we encountered, but in the beginnings of the suburb.

Thanks Emilie, and to all the others who were part of either L.J. Hooker Bracken Ridge, L.J. Hooker Boondall, or Raine and Horne Carseldine - Bracken Ridge.

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