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BH 3.1 Bald Hills Early Landowners From the township to the Wetlands

The next section of the lands were owned by Bridges Gray Jeays Buckby Cameron  Fahey Harrison

John Bridges owned the land where the township of Bald Hills is today. 


The road to the station from Bracken Ridge is an extension of Barbour Road, it used to be just an overgrown path, with a tunnel under the highway.   

John Bridges

According to the Elector List of 1856, one John Bridges was eligible to vote.  He resided in Queen Street and earnt £100 per annum.

The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 - 1861) Saturday 16 February 1856 p 2 Detailed Lists, Results, Guides  ... Brown David Brown John Brewster Wm Brown Wm Brookes John Bridges Alex Brown Henry Brown Daniel Brian ... AMENDED LIST OF ELECTORS FOR THE ELEC

He was the Manager of the Bank of New South Wales

His property was sold by Robert Cribb, and he was making plans to leave Brisbane.  As a bank manager he fitted the profile of a speculator, and he had an association with Robert Cribb.

The was a John Bridges who was a Wool and Produce Agent in Sydney

North of John Bridges' land was lot 27, owned by Janet Gray. 

Janet Gray was the daughter of  William Stewart and Margaret Livingstone.  Janet was born 23rd December 1814 and was baptised on 26th December 1814.  

She arrived in Australia on 17th January 1842 on board the "Ann Milne".   She came from Logierait, in Perthshire in Scotland.    Janet died in 1900, in Brisbane  

She married Thomas Gray in 1845 in New South Wales.  

Thomas Gray was born around 1817, the son of Roderick Gray and Anne Young. 

 He also arrived on 17th January 1842, on the Ann Milne, from Scotland.   He died 19th January 1877, and is buried at Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane.

Initially Thomas Gray was a stockman, in the Wide Bay area, but soon established his bootmaking business in George Street Brisbane.

Along with John Stewart, and others, the Scots on the Ann Milne, were known as The Black Isle contingent.

Thomas Gray purchased Lot 26, next to his wife's land, on 22nd January 1857, and may have persuaded his brother-in-law John Stewart to move into the area. 

Thomas Gray won a prize for his crops, another won a prize for wine!

His brother in law John Stewart was an executor of his will.

 But at the time, there was a severe problem with the local aboriginals, and it was reported that it was "too dangerous" to travel into Sandgate.

At the time, William Loudon, who owned huge tracts of land, was clearing land at Sandgate, using about 20 men, and the lure was cotton growing.   A prominent resident and politician, George Raff was encouraging the growing of agricultural crops, including sugar cane and cotton.   George was another Scottish immigrant.

....Raff returned to Sydney and in January 1851 moved to Brisbane, probably representing Lamb, Parbury & Co. but soon established George Raff & Co. He also founded the Queensland Mercantile and Agency Co. and in 1861 became a director of the Queensland Steam Navigation Co. The direct wool trade between Brisbane and London was mainly due to his efforts. At Morayfield plantation near Caboolture he experimented with sugar and other crops and contributed to a prize for commercial sugar production. He employed Kanaka labour but was commended for his treatment of the men by Rev. John Dunmore Lang and gave influential evidence to a select committee on Pacific islands labour in 1869. ......

In 1859, an agricultural community was formed at Bald Hills which was known as 'the Scotch settlement'. Adjoining the new district of Sandgate, this settlement was founded by John and Margaret Stewart, the latter being the sister-in-law of Brisbane bootmaker Thomas Gray. They were accompanied by David, Charles and Jane Duncan who was to marry Stewart. 

All had been fellow passengers aboard the Anne Milne. This extended family with connections to Mackenzie's Black Isle contingent formed one of the strong strands of the Scottish network with links to David McConnel of Cressbrook.

Next to Janet Gray going north Lot 30, originally purchased by Joshua Jeays, then owned by  John Buckby  Snr
Joshua and his wife Sarah and their 3 children arrived in 1853 on board the Agricola.  He was listed as a Carpenter.  He died in 1881

Joshua Jeays (1812–1881) was a Leicester-born carpenter who became a successful developer, an alderman and mayor of Brisbane, his grandson was a very well known identity in Sandgate, Charles Jeays.

John Buckby  Senior

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Saturday 16 March 1867 p 8 Advertising... of tho BALD HILLS. To be sold in consequence of the death of Mr. Buckby, senior. ARTHUR MARTIN has ... U who know it to be the PICK OF THE BALD HILLS, and tho public may feel assured that nothing but tho

John Buckby married Mary Wood, in England, he was a widower when he came to Australia, on the Monsoon, along with Hannah, Mary  John and David  James and George were already in Australia.

George Buckby married Eliza Hall

He was friends with the Stewarts.

He owned Lot 30, and a Portion of Lot 98, the parcel Whitehall, Norris and Barbour,  with a total of 133 acres.

North of John Buckby's land was Lot 37, originally owned by William Loudon, then purchased  by Archibald Cameron.

Archibald Cameron, was a Master Mariner. 

Archibald and his wife Mary Lamont and their children arrived in Australia on the "Duke of Newcastle" in 1863.  The children were Kate, Janet, Elizabeth, Angus , Margaret, Mary, Mary Anne and Alice.

In 1867, his daughter, Janet Amelia Cameron, married James Carseldine, of Bald Hills.  

Family Notices    The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Friday 8 March 1867 p 2 Family Notices... bride's father, Mr. James Carseldine, of Bald Hills, to Miss Janet Amelia, daughter of Captain Archibald ... Cameron, of Fortitude Valley.

Family Notices       The Week (Brisbane, Qld. : 1876 -
 1934) Saturday 28 April 1877 p 16 Family Notices... , aged 3 years. CAMERON*/—On 27th March, at her sister's residence. Bald Hills, Annie, youngest daughter ... of Archibald Cameron, Brunswick-Street, Valley, aged 17.  
His daughter Alice Martha Cameron died in 1863, and Elizabeth died in 1880.   His only son Angus Lamont Cameron died in 1865. 

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Thursday 21 December 1865 p 2 Family Notices
... 19th December, of decline, Angus Lamont, only surviving son of Captain A.Cameron,  

In Brisbane at the same time, there were several Captain Camerons, as there were world- wide, all making the headlines for all sorts of reasons.  

One had his ship-wrecked because he was drunk, another was in jail in Africa, another was doing something else that brought attention.  

Whatever Captain Cameron was doing, he became very wealthy, and owned considerable amount of property.

His wife Mary died in 1875.

 He then went to Maryborough, and sadly was attacked by a person of the name of Job in 1883.  He sustained injuries, and later died apparently as a result.  Mr Job was arrested.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Tuesday 23 January 1883 p 6 Article
... MARYBOROUGH. [FROM OUR OWN Correspondent January 20, 1883. committed by a man named Job, who having previously quarrelled with Captain Cameron, an elderly gentleman ... 1951 words

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Monday 29 September 1884 p 8 Advertising
... . Date within which Caveat may be Lodged,-2nd November, 1881. Name of Deceased Propritor.-Mary Cameron ... unsold balance of the East Stratton Estate, Valley. To bo sold in one lot, 30 Allotments in the Town of 

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Friday 28 November 1884 p 8 Advertising ... CAMERON has received instructions tf from the Trustees in ' the Estate of the late Mrs. Mary Cameron, to ... CATHOLIC CHURCH, VALLEY. (2.) SUBDIVISIONS 55 and 56 or POR. TIONS 167 and 169, SOUTH BRISBANE. TOHN  

The children were listed as the beneficiaries.   Katherine, Janet, Mary and Margaret.    

Archibald Cameron was listed as the owner of a huge property.

Michael Fahey owned the property north of William Carseldine. Lot 35

Mr Fahey died on 15th January 1887.  He was the son of Peter Fahey and Margaret Manning.  He had a son Patrick Fahey

Michael grew pumpkins and maize as per the newspaper report.

Putting the maps in perspective, Bracken Ridge Road, used to be Bald Hills Road.

It ran from Bald Hills at the end of Lot 39, owned by David Blackether Duncan, in a straight line to Sandgate.    The Radio Mast appears to be on  Archibald Cameron's land.

Ralph Harrison was the original owner of Lot 38.    Ralph was a businessman in Brisbane, and had a few mentions in the newspaper. 

The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 - 1861) Saturday 16 August 1856 p 3 Advertising
... from such charge Yours obediently, (Signed) RALPH HARRISONBrisbane, 14th August, 1856. -.-- ' g ... ton. ' A. J. HOCKINGS, , Produce Merchant,'Bnsbaue . . *. . - ,ir li

These are now all the landowners on the south side of Bald Hills Road, as it was known.  

This map shows the area surrounding the Bald Hills Creek, which runs behind Brighton (Nashville) and crosses the current Bracken Ridge Road at the Lagoons near Hoyland Street.

This land is at the mouth of the Pine River, and is now the wet lands.  Deepwater Bend was always a lovely spot, and to live on the River has a distinct advantage.

 I do remember some interesting times there, particularly in relation to some heavy rains in the late 1980's and the affect of water releases.  Couldn't have been very deep, because my Statesman had no problems!

It is interesting to note Michael's Island, there obviously was a settlement there at some stage, as in an electoral roll, several people were recorded as living at Greenwood's Pocket, and being oystermen.   

Party at Mosquito Creek, Pine River, 1 mile from Sandgate, Easter Monday, 1923.

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