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BRL 2 Who owned the lands in 1930?

Beginning at Graham Road, on the Southern Boundary and working north there are the following landowners, and their subdivisions.

Bounded by Ridley road western side  South of Beams

W King    Lot 167   Subdivided
J. Mc Leod   Lot 166 and 165, subdivided
J. Walker      Lot 164     sub divided  

Eastern side of Ridley South of Beams

JH & S Raynbird     Lot 153 on the corner  Subdivided
J.Mc Leod                Lot 154   24 acres
J. Mc Leod               Lot 155   24 + acres
William Carseldine   Lot 156   28 +acres

Beams Rd running north on Ridley   on Western side

E Jackson                Lot 163   subdivided
AM McNeven          Lot 161   subdivided  2 lots  42 acres total
M A Kyle                Lot 141    16 acres

Beams running north on Ridley  Eastern side

A Kempton             Lot 157      subdivided 2 lots  18 acres
T. King                  Lot 160       21+ acres
W. J Loudon          Lot 142        19 acres  corner of Gympie Road

Running north Roghan Road along Ridley Road to Millar Road

W.J Loudon           Lot 14        49 acres

Miller to Buckle Road Wester side  with Gympie Road to the east

 J Millar                 Lot 21    18 acres

Miller to Buckle, with Bridgeman traversing the land opposite J. Miller Lot 21 was
R Cribb                Lot 123

Miller to Buckle Road  Eastern side
 W J  Loudon          Lot 15    69 acres

In the rectangle  bordered by the River to the left,  Buckle Road to the north and Bridgeman Road to the East

J Leahy        Lot 117  20  acres
E Buckle      Lot 120    20 acres
A Ferguson   Lot 121    20 acres
C Cameron   Lot 122    11 acres

J Buckle held lands bordering the river

Then from Buckle Road to the north to Johnston Road

J Duncan                            Lot 116     22 acres
C. H Twyman                     Lot 115     10 + acres
C Reinhardt                        Lot 114     15 + acres      (Guide Dogs)
W Dean                              Lot 113      18 acres

Johnston Road running north following Gympie Road and opposite the Bald Hills Hotel

K Mc Pherson              Lot  112           subdivided
J. Duncan                    Lot 110             subdivided
J. W Boddy                 Lot 109            on the River  14 + acres

On the corner of Bridgeman Road and Roghan Road and Gympie Road

J. Carseldine           Lot 124A         12+ acres
D McPherson          Lot 125            18 + acres
A. Ferguson            Lot 140            16 acres
W Loudon              Lot 142            19 + acres

This then fronts Gympie Road, and possibly when the road was gazetted the lands around were resumed and later subdivided.

Moving into the town"

Next to the station was Cullimore Street   (Possibly names for the Cullimores who lived there)

It abutted Bald Hills Road then Grand, Wing, Brain, up to Parer western side had been subdivided from J & G Buckby land Lot 30

Lot 262 was designated as a Sportsground and the following lots were still of just over 4 acres each and abutted Whitehill, Norris and Barbour's blocks.

Moving in an easterly direction along then to  Barbour Road and to Norris Road
Norris Road was named through to Zillmere Road and to W J Wards lot of 118 acres.

Bit hard to imagine that the road could be that long!!!!!

Lot 7 owned by W J Ward was the Carseldine Campus, and then on the left hand side of the railway line he owned Carseldine.  It was all subdivided

On the corner of Roghan Road and Beams road, between Lacey road and Norris Road,

S. Simpson                  Lot 16        subdivided

Then Lacey to Telegraph Road with Norris Road on the east

Lot 189   J  Leacy      11 acre     Railway line running through Simpson Lot 16 and Leacy Lot 189

Fronting Telegraph Road to Norris Road

A Norris   Lot 190
E Buckby  Lot  191     20 acres
J Leacy      Lot 192      19 acres

On Eastern side of Norris Road Roghan Road

C  Tegge       Lot 198
J. Beir          Lot 197     20 acres
J. Beir           Lot 196    19 acres  to the right of  him Lot 16 of 119 acres of W Loudon still remains

Lacey Road to the left  fronting Telegraph Road running to Norris Road

A. Lacy and S Simpson      Lot 188  30 acres
J. Lacey  and S Simpson   Lot 187  2 lots
J. Lacy and S Simpson      Lot 186
D. Mc Callum                  Lot 185   19 acres

Norris Road corner of Telegraph Road

F.  Brown                   Lot 184  20 acres  -  The Shopping Centre

Following along Telegraph Road

C.  Brown           Lot 183     20 acres
J. Leacy              Lot 182      20 acres

Then W J Loudon's original Lot 25 - Purchased by D Brown has been sub-divided into 12 Lots
4 of them fronting Telegraph Road, 4 fronting a new road of Phillips Street south side, and 4 fronting Phillips street north side.

J Ferguson's land Lot 96 has been subdivided into 5 lots between Barbour corner with Jude Street

J. Grant's Lot 97 on the western side of Jude Street has been subdivided into 8 lots and contains the Reservoir easements.  Resub 2 contains the Reservoir.  His land abuts Norris Road

It appears that some of the residents were without access to the water reservoir, they had to contribute to the cost of the supply.  The Progress Association had to collect the money from the landowners in the previously held Sandgate portion of the suburb, those streets Denham, Sheaffe, Darragh and Barrett.  These areas also did not have access to sewerage.  It was all septic.

That was the case with all the broad acreage properties, our own included.

W Whitehills, Norris and Barbour's land has been subdivided into 3 lots the land abutting Barbour into 36 acres, the next lot Sub 2 would be the TAFE College of 54 acres and the northern portion Sub 1 of 53 acres.  Norris Road State School is on that lot.

Going northwards towards Bald Hills Road (now Bracken Ridge Road)  Lot 99 has been subdivided into 4 lots, with Sub 1 at the location of Harold Keily Park, or Hoyland Street.

On the southern side of Barbour Road

R. Speedy owned  Lots 175, 176, 177  each of 18+ acres  now the Oakes Estate
E Anson owned  Lot 176 on the corner of Norris and Barbour Southern side.

On the eastern side

A McCallam      Lot 179
D Buckley         Lot 180
R. Cribbb          Lot 181  this then becomes the corner of Barbour Road, and abuts Phillips Street coming up the hill.    When he died in 1894 is two sons were the beneficiaries, and the land was subject to Transmission by Death.

On one of these blocks ,  Davis Brothers had a sand dredging business.  All the sandy loam washed down from the hills  and was collected.

It was beautiful sand, and when we were building the kindergarten we weren't allowed to use it!
Didn't comply with the regulations apparently.

However, it is the lands in the area bounded by Lacey Road to Barbour Road and to Telegraph Road, that are quite intriguing.

There was never anything on the lands, except a brick dwelling next to the railway crossing which contained the biggest termite nest imaginable.

But who planted the  pine grove on the lands owned by Mr R Speedy?

And what became of the lands owned by A Lacy and S Simpson on Telegraph Road and then across the road from them.  Where these lands all resumed when the Power Lines were installed? or where they acquired for the Railways Department who it was often alluded to, planned to install a major complex, or were they acquired for the proposed widening of Telegraph Road?

 A Robert Speedy was involved in politics in Ithaca

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