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BRL 3 Land and Estates around the Region and the Water Reservoir

Bald Hills

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the area without all the modern roads.  A comparison with this map shows that the area around the Bald Hills Station was one of the first areas to be sub-divided.

The Railway Estate seemed to be the first development, then followed in 1914 the Unwin Estate.

The Sales of the Unwin Estate in 1914, may have been at a very bad time!
The Unwin Estate, probably was the blocks to the southern side of the Station, and no doubt was on Mr Unwin's land, of 40 acres  Lot 22, original owner Loudon.

In 1951 another land development was under scrutiny

They want their land

MORE than 100 property owners at Bald Hills last night protested against a City Council proposal to

resume about 30 acres of land sold recently for building lots. The Bald Hills Progress Association secretary (Mr. C. Manuel) said a subcommittee was formed to ascertain all the facts, and if justified to call a further meeting to build up a 'fighting fund' to protect the rights of 250 owners of building lots. A City Council alderman said yesterday that most of the land which had been bought in the area between Palmer and Musgrave streets and the railway line was lowIying and 'subject to flooding in any kind of rain,' It was unsuitable for home building. No decision had yet been made by the council to resume it.

A  major project was developed in Bald Hills, when Guide Dogs Queensland constructed
 a Centre on lands near Linkfield Road.

However it was of interest to learn from this 1984 map that the lands they were granted used to be known

as John Stewart Memorial Park.

The Bracken Ridge Central Lions Club, and our youngest son, were active community workers to assist in all sorts of works when the project opened.  So many trees were planted, so much dirt moved, and so many gates had to be opened and closed.  Our son was in his element!

Hard to resist Labradors when you own one!

Researching the old maps takes time.  This link to the State Government records may open the Aspley maps of 1930,


Bracken Ridge

Meanwhile in Bracken Ridge, there were land sales happening as the farmers or their beneficiaries, sub-divided their large blocks into smaller lots. With that comes changes to the original Portion/Lot numbers

The Ferguson Farm is one example of that!  As to is the Carr Farm.  Their land was sub-divided sometime pre-World War I.

Another lot to follow was the land owned by George Alexander Hope

From the description of the land, it was on the Bald Hills to Sandgate Road, equidistance between the two railway stations, and comprised 101 acres.  That would most likely have been the original holding of George Alexander Hope.  From the map, it was subdivided into 10 acre parcels by 1930.

One person who must have been purchasing lands in 1919 was John Brown.  He purchased a sub-division of Portion 100, the land belonging to George Hope.  

The lots were Sub 2 and 3 of Sub 1 of Portion 100.  The land? 

Nowdays it fronts Bracken Ridge Road, around the area of the Landscaping property, which Gavin and Sue Malherb originally purchased.

(Amid all sorts of difficulties)

The Water Reservoir at Bracken Ridge

Sometime before 1930, the Council had acquired the lands for the Reservoir.  This can be seen on the  map, particularly on the lands Resub 2 of Por 97, owned by James Grant.

Clearly it is shown on the map the location of two Easements, both these easements are the accesss for the lands around the Reservoir.  In fact our last property was about 50 metres to the south of the Easement which leads to Norris Road.  The easement to the north follows from Barrett Street, and the one on the east is from Jude Street.   The map also shows the sub-divided portion which became the Carr's farm.

In the 1920's there was controversy around the operation of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Tuesday 5 February 1924 p 5 Article

... Council regarding land resumptions. 'At yesterday's meeting 'Alderman ii/. Barry moved: "That Hie Mayor ... 181 words 


Strict secrecy is being observed by the Brisbane City Council regarding land resumptions. 'At yesterday's meeting Alderman Barry moved: "That the Mayor and  the Treasurer to furnish a report to the council for the public of all the resumptions the council has made in the last two years, the names of the owners of the property, the streets in which the property is situated, the city valuator's valuation, and the amount paid, together with an extended column to show the difference." Alderman P. M'Lachlan seconded the motion, but the Mayor declined to accept it, remarking that the council had carried a résolution previously against making public the council's dealings regarding resumptions. "I will not give that information to the public," he finally  declared.

Now why would that be?


NO EXTRA FINANCE The Lord Mayor explained that there was no intention of asking the Government for additional finance, but approval might be sought for transposing some of the loan works to allow the building of reservoirs to have precedence. If this were not done he could give an assurance that everything should be prepared so as to make a start immediately at the opening of the next financial year. 

It might be decided to give precedence to a new reservoir at Brackenridge to supply Sandgate, where a site had already been set aside for the purpose.  Lake Manchester is gradually being replenished, and yesterday the water level was 4ft. 9in. from the top of the wall. Owing to damage by electrical disturbances the pumps were not workIng up to yesterday morning, but it was expected that repairs would be completed in time to allow them to commence last night

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954) Thursday 28 October 1937 p 15 Article


Water Supply for Suburbs FUNDS DIVERTED, SAYS MR. BRIER

Had the City Council followed the advice given some time ago to put down a 30-inch main from the main pipe line at Taringa. and run it through Paddington, Alderley, the Grange, and Chermside on to Sandgate, the poor water pressure in many of the western suburbs would have been relieved, said the City Council's retiring water supply engineer (Mr. H. F. Brier) yesterday.  The pipe would have tapered to a main 12in. in diameter at Sandgate, where it could have emptied into a reservoir at Brackenridge, which would be. of sufficient capacity not only to supply Sandgate and Bald Hills, but also provide a water supply later for Redcliffe and Scarborough. Funds originally set apart for the laying of the main had been diverted and the project had been deferred. Mr. Brier added. It was only by this means and the provision of additional reservoirs that the water supply of Brisbane could be improved for people resident on the higher levels. Boosting plants, which were effective, might give temporary relief, but considerable alterations had to be made before they were available for use.

City May Amend Works Schedule

Because the Lord Mayor (Alderman Jones) regards the matter as urgent the building of service reservoirs for water supply may displace other works in the Council's loan schedule for the current year. The Lord Mayor said yesterday that the council would have to give very early consideration to the need for additional reservoirs.  Originally it had been planned to build three reservoirs —at Sparkes Hill, Chermside; Brackenridge, and Balmoral Heights— at a cost of approximately £100,000. This work had been deferred when the council's loan schedule had been modified. In view of the urgency of the works it might be -possible, with the cooperation of the Government to amend the schedule of works so that the building of. one or two reservoirs might take precedence. He was having a report made on the whole .question to- see what could be done, for- the question was a serious one for the city and suburbs. . The dry spell had interfered materially with the distribution of water, but it did not matter how many Stanley River dams were built or how much rain fell in the upper reaches of the river. The problem was one of more adequate distribution. The only way that could be accomplished would be by building more reservoirs.

Would Also Supply Redcliffe

'I am anxious to have at least one reservoir built during the current financial year,' said the Lord Mayor (Alderman Jones) yesterday.

Probably that suggested for Brackenridge, near Sandgate, would be built first. The reservoir Itself would cost about £20,000, but extensive alterations and additions to mains would be necessary. The council had land reserved, and the site was considered admirable to meet the growing requirements of Sandgate, and to make water available for Redcliffe and Scarborough when a contract was made with the Redcliffe Town Council. There had been several conferences, but nothing could be done until a new reservoir was built.  The reservoir would be an essential unit of the proposed sewerage scheme for Sandgate. Later the sewering of Wynnum and Manly also might receive consideration

 Council Recommends Lowest Tender For Redcliffe Water Supply REDCLIFFE, March 28.
The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Friday 29 March 1940 p 9 Article
... tender of Mr. V. W. Doyle, of £11,900, for the construction of a water tower and reser


REDCLIFFE, Thursday.— Ten tenders for the construction of a water tower and reservoir, ranging from £11,900 to E1Q.496. were opened bv the Redcliffe Town Council to-day, and that of V. W. Boyle, of Rockhampton, was recommended to the Department of Irrigation and Water Supply for acceptance. The council's estimate was £12,886. The consulting engineer (Mr. J. Wilson) said that he would not accept responsibility for the work unless a separate inspector was appointed to supervise it. The council decided to call applications for the position. The council agreed to a suggested apportionment by the manager of the Brisbane City Council's water supply department (Mr. G. H. Nelson) of the cost of the temporary main to carry the supply to the Hornibrook Highway pending the construction of the Brackenridge reservoir.

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