Monday, May 2, 2016

BRL 9 A List of Landholders and dealings 1845 to 1855

From the Queensland State Government Archives this is a list of the land dealings c 1845 to 1855.

That completes The History of Bracken Ridge - The first 100 Years  Part 1

The research has been done for the residents of the community of Bracken Ridge in Brisbane, it has not been prepared for any financial gain, rather is a compilation of research and other material for  genealogical, educational and historical purposes, in order to prove the facts as to what the suburb/locality was first known as.   

All care and attention has been given to the research, however transcription and other errors in early documents are acknowledged, and mistakes can and will be made. 
The newspaper articles are printed as they appear, some have not been corrected by National Archives.


Perhaps some of the research will be of benefit for some family historians battling those "brick walls".  Thank you to all those who have been able to share the stories of their ancestors, and the biographies which have been written regarding many of the landholders.

This manuscript and web-page comes of course, with the normal copyright legalities, and must NOT be reproduced by any third party for financial gain.  Any financial rights that may arise from any future different  artistic or media  usage of the material, will be donated to the Jacana Hospice in Hoyland Street Bracken Ridge, for the care of patients with an ABI.

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