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BRM 5.9 Parklands in Bracken Ridge

Parklands in Bracken Ridge

Albion Park (Ascot Park)
11 Cluden Place

Bald Hills Creek Park
239A Bracken Ridge Road

Barbour Road Park
17 Canterbury Street
Activity space (basketball half court), playground (The Oaks), water (bubbler/tap)
Barrett Street Park (water reserve) (Barrett Street Reserve, Bracken Ridge Reserve)
20 Snooker Street
Barbecue (electric), basketball/netball facility (half basketball court), bikeway, dog off-leash area including area for small dogs, picnic area, playground, toilet, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
C. Slaughter Park
21 Ranes Court
Denning Road Park (no. 30)
30 Denning Road

Enbrook Parkland
30 Telegraph Road 
Playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap) 
Eucalypt Place Park
2 Eucalypt Place
Shared pathway
Ewan Place Park
27 Ewan Place
Fabian Place Park
27 Fabian Place

Ferguson Park (Bracken Ridge) (Utah Foundation Playground)
201 Barrett Street
Ferguson Park Community Centre, playgrounds (Barett Street, Ferguson Park Community Centre), sporting facility, water (bubbler/drinking fountain)
Fred Francis Park
280 Bracken Ridge Road
Barbecue (electric), basketball/netball facility (basketball half court), bikeway network, picnic area (Brookvale Place), playground (Brookvale Place), shared pathway, skate park, water (bubbler/tap), wetland
Gawler Crescent Park
219 Norris Road

Harold Dean Park
93 Gawain Road
Isaac Best Park
70C Wickfield Street 
Basketball/netball facility (half basketball court), bikeway, playground, water (bubbler/tap)
McPherson Park
146 Denham Street
Bracken Ridge District Cricket & Athletic facility, Bracken Ridge Guides, Bracken Ridge Scouts, Model Train Club, barbecue (electric), basketball half court, car park (Denham Street), picnic area, playground, shared pathway, toilet, water (bubbler/tap)
Mensforth Bushland
122 Childs Street 
Shared pathway
Michael Place Park
70 Barbour Road
Shared pathway
Nicole Street Park
22 Nicole Street

Peter Gaskell Park
9 Maple Close
Quinlan Street Park
54 Barrett Street

Strowe Place Park
35 Strowe Place

Talltrees Street Park
17 Talltrees Street
Telegraph Road Park
Telegraph Road and Whitby Street, near Norris Road

Wendy Turnbull Park
47 Enbrook Street
Woodcroft Street Park
107 Barrett Street

Woodcroft Street Park (no. 67)
67 Woodcroft Street

All sorts of people from all sorts of lives, have contributed in their own particular way for the advancement of the suburb.

Many are recognised on the parks throughout the suburb.  Local people who have contributed in their own way to create a community.

Martin Quinlan after whom Quinlan Street was most probably named  was the Mayor of Sandgate he was elected in 1893.   Mayor Quinlan died in 1916

(There are quite a few other long standing families mentioned)

Mr Isaac Best was a butcher in Sandgate, and the Best owned property on Board Street.  Mr Best was a racehorse trainer at the Deagon Racecourse.

Fred Francis attended the Methodist Sunday School in Sandgate

Harold Dean was the Alderman and State Member

Wendy Turnbull was a Sandgate local, who excelled in Tennis.

Wendy Turnbull was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1984. In December 1993, the city of Brisbane named a public park in her honour. She was inducted into the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2009

There was much excitement in Bracken Ridge the day the park was opened.  We used to have "picnics" in the park when some of them were opened.

Bill Brown Oval

There is one park that is now classed as being located in Fitzgibbon, which owes its beginnings to Bracken Ridge Cricket Club.  The land was originally the old rubbish tip.

It is the Bill Brown Oval.  Not named after any resident, but in memory of Bill Brown a well known Australian cricketer who died aged 95.

Excerpt from a story by Michael Crutcher, 18 Mar 2008
Cricket fans, especially from the younger generation, treasured any conversation with Bill Brown.
Not only was he one of 41 men to call themselves an Australian Test captain, but Brown had a wit and memory to match that most prestigious of titles.

Before his death on Sunday, aged 95, Brown was Australia’s oldest surviving Test cricketer, providing an irreplaceable link to one of the nation’s most famous cricketing eras.

Brown played alongside the likes of Bradman, Ponsford, O’Reilly and Grimmett and his career stretched into the famous Invincibles tour of England in 1948.

But he also played against some great names, like Hutton, Hammond and Hobbs, and he could provide insight into those players unmatched by textbooks and film reels.

Before Australia played England at The Oval in 2001, Brown’s wit and memory was typically sharp.
“If you’re watching that game on television, make sure you have a look for my footprints at short fine-leg,” Brown said.

“Because I’m sure they’re still there from 1938. That’s where I was fielding when Len Hutton batted and batted and batted.

Boy, weren’t they a tough few days.”

Hutton made a world record 364 and Australia collapsed to its worst ever Test loss despite the efforts of Brown, who made 69 as the tourists battled without the ill Don Bradman.

That was one of just two losses Brown suffered in his 22-Test career, which would have been much greater if the second World War had not intervened.
Brown served in the Pacific as a flight lieutenant in the Royal Australian Air Force after marrying Barbara Hart in 1940 – a union that endured until his death.

When Brown resumed Test cricket in 1946 after an eight-year break, he led Australia in its first ever Test against New Zealand.

Bracken Ridge today
Compared to the 1984 map, there is one thing missing  -  open undeveloped land!

From the Scottish immigrants, the speculators, the settlers, the farmers, those who fought in two Wars and countless other battles, the developers, those who have given their time working on community projects, coaching sporting teams, all of them called Bracken Ridge home.

Memories are history.  The key to the past.  This History of Bracken Ridge can be expanded with the help of those other clubs and organisations who have not, as yet, written about their contribution to the suburb.   

This publication is a compilation of resourced material,  particularly relative to the landowners of Bracken Ridge from 1845 for the purpose of research and education..  Existing authors and existing web links are acknowledged with links provided for additional research.    
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