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A1. Anzac Tribute - Those who enlisted in the Region

Anzac Tribute to those who enlisted from the Region

For 100 years, Australians have gathered to honour those who served their country, in both World Wars and in many other conflicts since 1915.

On 11th November, at 11.00 tradition has held that 0ne minute's silence be observed to remember the end of the First World War.  Armistice Day is observed in France and Belgium.  The services are held at the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypers, Belgium then in France at Villiers-Bretonneux.  

Thousands of headstones stand sentinel as a reminder of those who lay often in unmarked graves or buried beneath.  Thousands and thousands of names are etched in the numerous monuments, all  that is left of someone's loved one.   The headstones are often in the middle of a family farm, and all are so well kept.

Tower of London Poppies
Red poppies have become the universal symbol.  Poppies grew as the first flowers on the battlefields, both in Europe and Turkey.   At Gallipoli, rosemary bushes provide another symbol.



In the Region of Bald Hills and Bracken Ridge, men who enlisted often indicated their place of birth, or residence to be Zillmere, Bald Hills or Sandgate, never Bracken Ridge!

Consequently, while every effort has been made to locate the names of those local residents, there will be some that are missing, especially if they were born elsewhere, then moved to the area, or simply listed their place of birth as Brisbane.

Such was the case with the McPherson Boys.

David and John McPherson 

David McPherson  listed Brisbane as his birth place  S/N  21256  NOK  Annie McPherson
John Mc Pherson  listed Brisbane  S/N 3400 NOK  Annie McPherson

Both were the sons of Russell and Annie McPherson, who lived at Springfield, Sandgate (sometimes referred to as Bald Hills.

Sandgate War Memorial 1923

The list is extensive, and includes place of birth, Serial Number and next of kin.

Arthur Richard Aland
Sandgate, Queensland
Eliza Aland
Charles Herbert Albury
Sandgate, Queensland
Madeline Albury
George Vincent Ayre
Sandgate, Queensland
William Henry Ayre
William John Ayre
Sandgate, Queensland
Winifred Mary Ayre
John Joseph Battagline
Sandgate, Queensland
Annie Battagline
Robert Spear Lyon Begbie
Sandgate, Queensland
Jane Begbie
Joseph Bolger
Sandgate, Queensland
Philip Bolger
William Clement Bolger
Sandgate, Queensland
Annie Nelson
Leonard Llewellan Brookes
Sandgate, Queensland
A H Brookes
Clarence Norman Buckby
Sandgate, Queensland
Clara Buckby
Joseph Harvey Buckle
Sandgate, Queensland
Joseph Thomas Antipas Buckle
Owen Richard Burton
Sandgate, Queensland
R E Burton
Christopher Callanan
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Margaret Callanan
Charles Horatio Capel
Sandgate, Queensland
Marian Capel
Frank James Carver
Sandgate, Queensland
Frederick William Carver
George Fredrick Casberg
Sandgate, Queensland
Amelia Casberg
Clifford Hartley Churton
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Churton
Maurice Colman Cohen
Sandgate, Queensland
Arthur Charles Cohen
Frederick Francis Collins
Sandgate, Queensland

Mary Ellen Collins
James Buchanan Crawford
Sandgate, Queensland
Catherine Crawford
William Charles Cunningham
Sandgate, Queensland
Charlotte Cunningham
John Thomas Dickinson
Sandgate, Queensland
Annie Dickinson
James Oakwell Dougherty
Sandgate, Queensland
Mrs E Dougherty
Victor Clyde Dougherty
Sandgate, Queensland
Robert John Dougherty
Ralph Edmonds Douglas
Sandgate, Queensland
Ada Douglas
William Joseph Fletcher Douglas
Sandgate, Queensland
Rev Alexander Douglas
John Douglas Drummond
Sandgate, Queensland

Annie Drummond
Edward Victor Herbert Dyer
Sandgate, Queensland
Mr E Dyer
Harry Moreton Dyer
Sandgate, Queensland
Margaret Dyer
James Christian Ehrke
Sandgate, Queensland
Mrs C Ehrke
Horace Evelyn Flower
Sandgate, Queensland
Susan Josephine Flower
Cecil Stanley Fox
Sandgate, Queensland
Lucy Jane Fox
Albert Oscar Cedric Giraud
Sandgate, Queensland
Roy Godfrey
Sandgate, Queensland
Hannah Godfrey
James Duncan Greenwood
Sandgate, Queensland
A Greenwood
Spencer Leslie Samuel Hale
Sandgate, Queensland
Edgar Spencer Hale
Harold Anton Hansen
Sandgate, Queensland
N P Hansen
Charles Cyril Beswick Johnson
Sandgate, Queensland
Lydia Johnson
Frank Jones
Sandgate, Queensland
Elizabeth Jones
Leonard Joyce
Sandgate, Queensland
James Joyce
Denis Joseph Kavanagh
Sandgate, Queensland
D Kavanagh
Ernest Kemp
Sandgate, Queensland
Bessie Kate Kemp
Eric Love
Sandgate, Queensland
Martin Rungert
Albert Lubke
Sandgate, Queensland
Molley Lubke
Edward Otto Lubke
Sandgate, Queensland
Mrs Lubke
Alexander Sydney Macdonald
Sandgate, Queensland
Margaret Mitchell
Aubrey Charles Halliday Markwell
Sandgate, Queensland
Adelaide Eliza Markwell
Reginald George Pryor Markwell
Sandgate, Queensland
James Isaac Markwell
Robert Edward Mason
Sandgate, Queensland

Robert Edward Mason
George Pengwerne Matthews
Sandgate, Queensland
George Frederick Matthews
Marcus John McManus
Sandgate, Queensland
Jeannie Gertrude White
Edward Erskine Miller
Sandgate, Queensland
Ellen Miller
Arthur Mirls
Sandgate, Queensland
C Mirls
Harry Charles Morgan
Sandgate, Queensland
Emma Francis Morgan
Thomas Joseph Mulqueeney
Sandgate, Queensland
Ellen Mulqueeney
Francis Farrington Parkinson
Sandgate, Queensland
Janet Parkinson
Gordon Stanley Patterson
Sandgate, Queensland
Charles Patterson
Arthur James Paul
Sandgate, Queensland
G W F Paul
Ralph Paul
Sandgate, Queensland
Henrietta Matilda Paul
Hampden Wendell Phillips
Sandgate, Queensland
Isobel Lilian Phillips
Oliver Kilk Phillips
Sandgate, Queensland
Elizabeth Susan Phillips
Frank Waldo Potts
Sandgate, Queensland
Blanche Lillian Wiley
Norman Charles Prackart
Sandgate, Queensland
Emily Prackart
William Roy Henry Prackert
Sandgate, Queensland
Margaret Reedy
Roy Stevenson Prentice
Sandgate, Queensland
Elizabeth Prentice
Percy Leonard Ramsay
Sandgate, Queensland
Alice Ramsay
Stewart Leslie Reid
Sandgate, Queensland

Louise Reid
Edmund Edward Righetti
Sandgate, Queensland

Mary Righetti
Albert Ross
Sandgate, Queensland
Emma Ellen Ross
John Scanlan
Sandgate, Queensland
M Scanlan
Roy William Sergeant
Sandgate, Queensland
Edward Sergeant
Frank Roy Slaughter
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Ann Slaughetr
Reginald Charles Slaughter
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Slaughter
Henry William Smith
Sandgate, Queensland
H Smith
James Smith
Sandgate, Queensland
Jean Henderson Smith
William Stokes
Sandgate, Queensland
Eliza Ann Stokes
Alexander Frederick Sutherland
Sandgate, Queensland
Anna Elizabeth Sutherland
David Everet Thomsett 
Sandgate, Queensland

William Train
Sandgate, Queensland
Louisa Train
George William Turnbull
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Turnbull
Arthur Edward Turner
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Turner
Thomas Richard Twine
Sandgate, Queensland
M M Twine
David Veitch
Sandgate, Queensland
Rose Ann Veitch
George Veitch
Sandgate, Queensland
Rose Veitch
Arthur Walker
Sandgate, Queensland
Annie Walker
Charles Villiers Warner
Sandgate, Queensland
Mary Annie Warner
Frederic David Gilmore Wilson
Sandgate, Queensland
W A Wilson
Marjorie Jane Gilmore Wilson
Sandgate, Queensland

Annie Wilson

Cecil Harper Black
Zillmere, Queensland
Samuel Black
Sidney Leichhardt Crompton
Zillmere, Queensland
Eliy Annie Crompton
Alfred Francis Davis
Zillmere, Queensland
A J Davis
David Ewers Fischer
Zillmere, Queensland
Ellen Robinson Fischer
Jesse Francis Gaskell
Zillmere, Queensland
Peter Gaskell
William Roberts
Zillmere, Queensland
George Roberts
Kennedy Adams Robinson
Zillmere, Queensland
H W Robinson
Samuel Leslie Robinson
Zillmere, Queensland

Henry Walton Robinson
Stanley Oswald Robinson
Zillmere, Queensland
George F W Robinson
Kenneth George Vidler
Zillmere, Queensland
G A J Vidler
At Marchant Park (Bald Hills was part of the Kedron Shire)

Harold Edwin Carseldine
Bald Hills, Queensland
Agnes Carseldine
William Cullimore
Bald Hills, Queensland
Mrs Cullimore
Walter Davis
Bald Hills, Queensland
Henry Davis
Albert Day
Bald Hills, Queensland
W Day
James Ross Duncan
Bald Hills, Queensland

Miss A Duncan
John Thomas Hammer
Bald Hills, Queensland
Mary Hammer
Albert Victor Lacey
Bald Hills, Queensland
Mary Lacey
Ernest Wilbert Lacey
Bald Hills, Queensland
Marie Jensine Lacey
John Stewart Latham
Bald Hills, Queensland
Samuel Latham
William Alfred Latham
Bald Hills, Queensland
Samuel Latham
John Albert Rilley
Bald Hills, Queensland
Sarah Elizabeth Rilley
William James Service
Bald Hills, Queensland

R Service
Allan Duncan McGaw Stewart
Bald Hills, Queensland
John Stewart
Stephen Hertford Weedon
Bald Hills, Queensland

Stephen Henry Weedon
Henry Thomas Wigley
Bald Hills, Queensland
E Lade
Septimus Williamson
Bald Hills, Queensland
Elizabeth Eleanor Williamson

The Australian War Memorial provides the following information in relation to Honour Boards:

"Honour boards and rolls were erected in many local schools, halls, churches and offices as a means of acknowledging the commitment made by the community to the military forces.

The criteria used for inclusion of names on an honour board were determined by those creating the board and can vary. For example, the board may only include those who were born in the town, those who enlisted in the town, those who were living or working in the town when they enlisted or veterans who became associated with the area after the war when the honour board was being created. Some honour boards include all those who served and others only list those who died in the war. In some cases an individual may appear on more than one honour board".

The Bald Hills Memorial Hall contains an Honour Board erected to honour those who fitted their criteria.

However one name which took my interest was Dr Stephen Hertford Weedon.  His surname was not one that had come up in any research.  Who then was he?

Dr Stephen Hertford Weedon

The answer lies with the Queensland Railways.  His father Stephen Henry Weedon was a surveyor and Engineer with the Queensland Government, and he surveyed different railway corridors.

He was based at Bald Hills at the Railway Camp and married Mabel Frances Carter in 1884.  Their son Stephen Hertford Weedon was born at Bald Hills in 1887.

Mabel Frances Carter was the daughter of Joseph Carter and Grace May Baxter.  She was born in Naracoorte in South Australia, when her father was the manager of Naracoorte Station, and later came to Queensland.

February 1887
WEEDON.—On the 15th instant, at Bald Hills, South Pine, Mrs. Stephen H.Weedon, of a son.

Stephen Hertford Weedon

Rank: Captain
Roll title: Medical Officers (February 1915 - January 1919)
Conflict / Operation: First World War, 1914-1918
Date of embarkation: 17 October 1916
Place of embarkation: Sydney
Ship embarked on: HMAT Borda A30

After graduating as a Doctor, he began practice in Wagga NSW.  He volunteered for service in 1916. He became ill while on duty and spent time in hospital in UK

He was later promoted to Major and served in UK, he again became ill, and was returned to Australia in 1919 on the Takada, and resumed his medical duties..

He married in a society wedding in 1934 to Phyllis Bragg. 
He died in 1963

His father's obituary details of his working life

Dr Stephen Weedon is just one of the many who enlisted, and who thought it their duty to serve their country.  As parents, it would be inconceivable to understand what they went through, never knowing if their children would return, let alone having any idea of what horrors they were a part of. 


There are no memorials or monuments in Bracken Ridge, perhaps there should be.

The are many sons and daughters of pioneering families of Bracken Ridge 
whose names would then be included.

Frederick and Isabella Francis's boys enlisted.   

Frederick John Francis  Born Brisbane  S/N 3764B    NOK  Frederick Francis
Robert Allan Francis    Born  Lillmere  S/N 1766       NOK  Frederick Francis

(transcription error should be Zillmere, but really Brackenridge)

The Slaughter family  two sons away serving.  The boys enlisted together.

Frank Roy Slaughter  S/N  14720
Reginald Charles Slaughter   S/N  14719

William and Ruth Albury were another with three sons enlisted:

Clarence Frederick Albury    S/N  124      He enlisted in Roma
Cecil William Albury           S/N  1501    He enlisted at Stanthorpe
Oliver Earnest Albury           S/N  20764  Her enlisted at Brisbame.

One son and two daughters of David and Marion Brown enlisted.  

Dorothy  Brown                  Born Sandgate                    NOK  Mrs D.F. Brown
Archibald Lorimer Brown    Born Brisbane  S/N  4455   NOK  Minnie Brown (Mother)
Ruby Davina Mary Brown   Born Brisbane                    NOK  Marion Brown  (Mother) 

As Nursing Staff they appeared not to have Serial Numbers.

Jesse Francis Gaskell  born Zillmere  S/N  1767  NOK  Peter Gaske

Jesse returned and was a farmer in Bracken Street. Bracken Ridge

The Francis, Slaughter, Brown, Gaskell and Albury sons and daughters returned.

Russell and Annie McPherson were not so fortunate.  When they said their goodbyes to their sons, it was for the last time.

Both were killed and both are buried in France. 



Service No:
Date of Death:
Australian Machine Gun Corps
 4th Bn.
Grave Reference:
III. A. 14.

Additional Information:
Son of Russell and Annie McPherson, of "Springfield," Sandgate, Queensland.

David McPherson

Service No:
Date of Death:
Australian Field Artillery
7th Bde.
Grave Reference:
I. D. 11.
Additional Information:
Son of Russell and Annie McPherson, of "Springfield," Sandgate, Queensland

There was another Bracken Ridge Family where not only the son, but his father also enlisted.

John Flewell-Smith was a Veteran of the Boer War.  He enlisted again in World War I.

His achievements are included in the Chapter on his life.

His son Bernard Flewell-Smith also enlisted.

Flewell-Smith  Bernard   Born Lowood   S/N  7707   NOK  John Francis Flewell-Smith

Bernard Flewell-Smith
Birth Place:
Lowood, Queensland
Dossier Year Range:
Enlistment Place:
Brisbane, Queensland
Service number:
Next of Kin:
John Francis FlewellSmith
Relationship to Soldier:

Bernard was recommended and award the Military Medal.

The Citation reads:

Is recommended for conspicuous gallantry and fine initiative in action near Hamel Wood East of 
Corbie on 4th July 1918.  His section Commander was wounded early in the engagement, and he at once assumed command of his section and led them with magnificent courage and skill.  On reaching the objective via Platoon Commander and all NCO's of his platoon with the exception of his Platoon Sergeant were out of action, and Private Flewell-Smith took the initiative, rallied all the men in his vicinity, dispersed the enemy remaining in front, and consolidated the position.  His great coolness and fine leadership were an inspiration to all about him, and undoubtedly he cleared up a very difficult situation.

British, American and Australian troops lunching in a wood near Corbie the day before the attack.


Bernard Flewell-Smith

Service Number: 7707
Rank: Private
Unit: 15th Australian Infantry Battalion
Service: Army
Conflict / Operation: First World War, 1914-1918
Award: Military Medal
Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: 12 February 1919
Location in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: Page 270, position 113
Date of London Gazette: 21 October 1918
Location in London Gazette: Page 12421, position 69


Marchant Park War Memorial Gates                             

Memorial gates erected after the First World War, listing those who enlisted and those who fell. A second list of enlistments is on the rear of the main posts. A smaller plaque commemorates five names from the South African War 1901 1902 but does not specify if enlistees or war dead.  
The plaques were vandalized in 1972 and restored by the Chermside and Districts Historical Society Inc in August 2003. The research was done by Patrick, son of ANZAC Pte Walter Henry O Shea MM


Cnr Murphy Road and Gympie Road, Aspley Qld 4034

Location of Marchant Park War Memorial Gates
Erected in honour of those who enlisted from Kedron Shire in the Great War 1914 1919
List of the Fallen on front of main left post. Those who enlisted are named on the other gateposts, front and rear.

Conflicts commemorated
South Africa War, 1899-1902
First World War, 1914-1918

Memorial type

Additional information

Mason was A L Petrie & Son.
Recorded by

Lesley McBurney/Dennis Stocks and Doug Tanner/Shirley and Trevor McIvor
Date recorded

23 April 2009

The is one special World War I Digger who lived his later years in Sandgate.

His name was Edward David Smout, more commonly known as Ted Smout.  Most Bald Hills residents and many Bracken Ridge residents  would know his son, Dr.Westall Smout, or have been a patient of his, as we were.

Edward David Smout  was born in Brisbane S/N 12947 his NOK mother Emma Elizabeth Smout.

Ted was born in 1898 and was just 17 when he enlisted.  He was the oldest survivor of World War I.

From Wikipedia

Sgt Edward David "Ted" Smout OAM (5 January 1898 – 22 June 2004) was an Australian soldier in the First World War. He was Australia's 6th last surviving World War I veteran.
Smout served in the army as a stretcher bearer. He was notably one of the first on the scene upon the landing of Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, after he had been shot down and was witness to his final words. He was also the last surviving witness of Richthofen's Death

Smout was born in Brisbane, Queensland in 1898. He joined the Australian Army Medical Corps in September of 1915 at the age of 17, giving his age as 18 years 8 months. Upon arrival in France, he was posted to the 3rd Sanitary Section of the Australian Army Medical Corps where he served as a stretcher bearer.

During an engagement near the Somme River on 21 April 1918, Smout was an eyewitness to the final moments in the life and career of the famous German flying ace Manfred von Richthofen (aka the "Red Baron"), whose aeroplane had landed nearby after he was fatally shot. Smout reported that Richthofen's last word was "kaputt" ("finished") just before he died.[3] Smout said later in life that he resisted the temptation to souvenir the Red Baron's boots and Iron Cross. He was discharged on 8 September 1919.

He was awarded France's highest honour, being made a Chevalier (Knight) of the Legion d'Honneur in 1998 and also received the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the community. A regular participant in Anzac Day marches, Smout became one of the most celebrated war veterans in Queensland as one of Australia’s last surviving WWI veteran. He died at 106 years old, leaving a widow of 69 years, Ella and son, Dr Westall "Westy" Smout, himself a WWII "Bomber Navigator" veteran.

He married in 1923, Ella Annie Grace Stevens

It was an honour to meet him, when he visited the Bracken Ridge Central Lions Club and spoke of his life and his service.

It was even more of a surprise to then find a display in the Cloth Hall in Ypres, Belgium, dedicated to him. 


"Ted Smout" A Typical Anzac

Died June 2004

Remembered for future generations, in the Bridge from Sandgate to Redcliffe

Honours and awards
  • Medal of the Order of Australia (awarded 6 June 1978)
  • British War Medal
  • Victory Medal
  • 80th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal (awarded 21 April 1999)
  • Centenary Medal (awarded 1 January 2002)
  • Chevalier (Knight) of the L├ęgion d'honneur (awarded 4 July 1998)
  • Ted Smout Memorial Bridge named in his honour (14 July 2009)

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