Thursday, April 14, 2016

BRS 14 Maps and Comparisons

This map is of the Sandgate area, c 1924, and it shows that the Eastern part of Bracken Ridge was part of Sandgate.  The names of the streets have all changed as well.

Comparison with a current map from Google Maps, puts the location of the original lots into perspective,  

The lands which eventually formed the boundaries of Bracken Ridge appear to begin with Lot Number 73 to 78 which are on the Northern Boundary of Bald Hills Road. 

Southern boundary of Bracken Ridge, this time the identifier is the "manure" depot, 
which was the Pony Club and associated grounds.

The western border of Bracken Ridge was moved several times, when we first came it was Norris Road, as the border, perhaps more for the purpose of electoral boundaries, however the suburb border was later moved to the natural geographical boundary provided by the Bald Hills Creek.

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