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BHBR 21.6 Early Residents Isaac and Georgina Denning.

Another early settler was the Denning Family

Ann Amelia, eldest daughter of Jane and Isaac Adsett, married Henry Denning (from Monmouthshire, England) in 1877. The following passage is reproduced from The Adsett Families 1851-1981:

She married a coal miner, Henry Denning. The wedding ceremony was performed by a Wesleyan Methodist minister in the Goodna residence of her father, Isaac Adsett.

They then lived on a 100-acre property at Glamorganvale which had been selected by Henry in 1876. Fourteen acres were cultivated, seven acres were fenced and two acres were cleared and stumped. Beside the two-roomed house and barn, an underground tank of bricks was built. The homestead still stands, overlooking the township of Glamorganvale.

The property lay between Glamorganvale and Tarampa and the two centres are not more than a few miles apart. Aborigines were troublesome during the family's early years on the farm, and the house was secured each night. Firearms were held in readiness for self-protection. During his last years Isaac Adsett lived here with the Denning family, occupying a room under the residence.

On the Tarampa farm the Denning family milked twenty to thirty cows. Fodder, vegetables and grapes were grown. Each Friday a trip was made to Ipswich to sell butter and produce. Ann Denning was esteemed as a cook, and she had good skill in needlework. She made clothing for the family, and also accepted work from outside the family.

The family lived for many years at Tarampa before moving to Sandgate, probably in the early 1920s. In Sandgate Henry Denning worked in a sawmill. During this period the Smallwood family lived with them.

Ann Amelia Denning died in December 1924, in Sandgate. Henry Denning continued to live for a time in Sandgate. but later held a property at Roma. where he cultivated grapes. Later yet he held a property at Burpengary. His death took place at Booval in 1947. Descendants remember him as a deeply religious man. Henry and Ann Amelia Denning are buried at Bald Hills.

Four sons and three daughters were born to Ann Amelia and Henry Denning. The first two sons, William John (born 1878) and Charles (1880) died in early childhood.

The eldest daughter, Louisa Matilda, was born in 1886. She married Joseph Smallwood, and the couple had one son, Norman. Joseph Smallwood was a dairy farmer at Lake Clarendon, with a milk run in Ipswich. The family later shifted house into Lowood, and lived there until the middle 1920s. At this time a property of 53 acres at the back of Bundamba Racecourse was purchased, and the couple retired here.

James Herbert Denning (born 1888) was the first son to reach adult years. He married Elsie Walton, and the couple had a daughter, Nyria, and a son, Leslie. James Denning worked for the Hargreaves jam factory, in Manly. The family home was in Mountjoy Terrace.

Jane Elizabeth (born 1889), second daughter of Ann and Henry Denning, married Edward Francis Mensforth in 1921. They had two children, Edna and Edward. Edward Mensforth was a moulder, working for the railway workshops at Woodend.

Georgina Amelia, the third daughter, was born in 1892. She married Isaac Denning, a cousin, who worked a small crop farm at Manly. Their two children were Elspeth and Desmond. The family later lived at Brackenridge.

Francis Henry Denning, youngest of the family, was born in 1895. He married Irene Violet King. There were six children in the family, Sylvia, Stella, Douglas, Marjorie, Hazel, and Valma. Frank Denning was at first a dairy farmer at Kadanga, near Gympie. In the 1930s he held a property in the Murgon area, and later he worked a dairy farm in Manly Road, growing small crops.

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Tuesday 7 January 1919 p 2 Article

... Mnmlirntn cfnion water melons, the property of Isaac Charles Denning. Sergeant Ryan,

The Daily Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1903 - 1926) Wednesday 8 January 1919 p 9 Article

... brought beforo Mr. W. Hnrrm, P.M., in for sent once. Tho melons had been iakeu from the garden of Isaac ... Charles Denning, near the Deagon racecourse, Sand-galo. Sergeant Ryan said thnt accused had admitted that 

According to the census records Georgina and Isaac Denning lived in Quinlan Street Deagon, Sandgate and were fruit farmers in the years 1917 to 1925

Ann Denning is buried at Bald Hills Cemetery.

1Ann AmeliaF6922 Nov 1855Brixton England6 Dec 1924Bald Hills Cemetery                               photographed by Greg DAVIS, 2000

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