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BRS 10 Scottish Families The McCallum Family

The McCallum Connections -- Getting quite complicated with the relationships!

From an obituary, there were two McCallum brothers who were farmers in the region.

John and Archibald Mc Callum.

Archibald McCallum

Archibald McCallum and his family arrived in 1853 on the ship "America", he was aged 32.  His wife was Jane and his two daughters Marion and Jane.  He was a labourer from Lanarkshire.  His parents were Alexander and Agnes McCallum.  His wife was Jane Cochrane.  Both could read and were in good health.  Marion was 5 and Jane was 2.

Archibald McCallum was driving to Sandgate with a load of timber and there was a terrible accident.


The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Wednesday 2 August 1865

A terrible accident occurred on Monday last, by which two women were crushed to death, on the Bald Hills road. Archibald McCallum was proceeding along the road, to-wards Sandgate, with a dray-load of timber. His wife (Mrs McCallum) and Miss Mary Ann Grant were riding on the loading, when the dray overturned, and, falling on the two women, crushed them to death before they could be released. Dr. Ward was sent for, but arrived too late to be of any service.

A search of Queensland BMD does not reveal details for a Mary Ann Grant
However an Agnes McCallum married Alexander Grant in 1865.  This may well be the same person, as Agnes was the grandmother's name, and Scottish naming patterns existed in the families.

Archibald later became a farmer in Samsonvale.


His younger daughter was:

Jane Cochrane McCallum his daughter married William Fogg of the Condamine  1869
Jane died in 1917 and is buried at the Lutwyche Cemetery

In 1872, William was riding after cattle by moonlight and he was struck in his eyes by a tree.  He was 25 miles from the Condamine, and went to Brisbane for treatment, the next day.
In May 1880, the estate of Archibald McCallum of Samson Vale a farmer was granted to his daughter Jane Cochrane Fogg.

1892 William Fogg was the chairman and mayor of Pine Rivers.Their son was killed in WWI, buried in France.


John McCallum

His parents were Archibald McCallum and Elizabeth Clark

John McCallum was married to Margaret Stewart. Her parents were Duncan Stewart and Elizabeth Clark. (from the records)      She was born in Blair Athol in Scotland in 1835

They arrived in Moreton Bay on the Helenslea in October 1862

They had a son Archibald Stewart McCallum in 1865.  He died in 1865.

There followed two more sons:

In 1868,  Archibald Stewart McCallum.
In 1871   John Neil Clark McCallum

OZShips download of Passengers on the Helenslea show:

McCallumWilliam[or 39, age not clear]qsa:rgp547/16

Donald McCallum died in 1901 Parents Archibald Buchanan McCallum and Elizabeth Clark

John McCallum died in 1873 aged 43

Mrs. Margaret McCallum        DEATH AT 94 YEARS OF AGE.

The death of Mrs. Margaret McCallum, widow of the late Mr. John McCallum, senior, breaks another link in the chain connecting the early days bf Queensland. The deceased lady was born at Blair Athol, Scotland, in 1835. and was married at Glasgow

In 1862. In that year also Mr, and -Mrs. McCallum left for Australia in the sailing ship "Helenslea, and had as fellow passengers Mr. (afterwards Sir) Robert Philp, Mr. Wm. Aitchison, who for many years was a well-known tobacconist in Queen Street, and Messrs. R. L. Armour, and W. C. Whitehill; well-known warehousemen, all of whom predeceased her.

The voyage lasted five months, and on arrival in Brisbane Mr. McCallum with her husband and Mr McCallum's brother and sister, took up farming at Bald Hills.

 In 1873 Mr. McCallum died, and Mrs. McCallum removed to the Valley near St. Patrick's Church,, which was then known as McGill's garden. She later lived in other parts of the Valley and New Farm. The deceased lady was an enthusiastic worker for the Presbyterian Church. She was connected with the Wickham Terrace Church when the late Rev. Colin McCullough was the minister, and when the church in "Windmill Street, Valley (now warren Street) was opened she was a foundation member, and took a great interest in Its growth. The family comprised three sons — the eldest died In childhood.

The remaining sons were Mr. A. S. McCallum (McWhlrter and Son Ltd.), and Mr. John Niel McCallum, well known In business and entertainment circles In Brisbane, and now residing abroad. The funeral on Monday last was of a private nature.

Archibald married Katherine Margaret Protheroe.

There are two Donald McCallums both with different mother's names listed.

Name:Donald McCallum
Death Date:20 Sep 1903
Death Place:Queensland
Father's name:Archibald McCallum
Mother's name:Elizabeth Cochrane
Registration Year:1903
Registration Place:Queensland
Registration Number:003543

Name:Donald McCallum
Death Date:17 Jun 1901
Death Place:Queensland
Father's name:Archibald Buchanan Mc Callum
Mother's name:Elizabeth Clark
Registration Year:1901
Registration Place:Queensland
Registration Number:002932

Both have a relationship with McCallum, Clark and Cochrane Families.


From Surat I am sorry to record the death of Mrs. McCallum, wife of Mr. Donald McCallum, a resident of the township. Mrs. McCallum had been in delicate health for some time. She died on Monday, the 18th August, aged thirty-four, and was buried on the following day. Mrs. McCallum was much liked by her friends in Surat, and the funeral cortegé was followed by everyone in Surat who could possibly attend. Mr. McCallum speaks very highly of the kindness of the Surat people to him in his sad bereavement.

Mrs McCallum was Mary Ferguson.  Her parents were James Ferguson and Mary Lindsay

Now there is a McCallum link to the Fergusons

And yet another McCallum link this time to the Stewart Family.

Name:Archibald Stewart
Death Date:09 Nov 1870
Death Place:Queensland
Father's name:Duncan Stewart
Mother's name:Catherine Macallum
Registration Year:1870
Registration Place:Queensland
Registration Number:000937

East Street Rockhampton

 A frightful accident, says the same journal, occurred in East-street on Tuesday night. Mr. Archibald Stewart, of the "Combustible Boot Factory," was engaged at his occupation late on Tuesday as usual. He worked by the light of a common kerosine lamp, of what is known as the " harp" kind. It was hung low, and slightly in front of the stool on which he sat, so as to throw a strong light upon his lap. About 10 o'clock he rose from his seat, and in dome so struck the lamp with his head, upsetting the vessel, and emptying the burning fluid upon his per. son-a literal baptism of fire. He ran into the street screaming terribly, and went to the " Live and Let Live" Hotel opposite shouting for a blanket.

At this time, as we are assured by several credible eye-witnesses, the unfortunate man was a mass of fire from the waist upwards, the flames reaching several feet above his head. There were a number of people in the street, some of whom ran to the poor fellow's help, telling him to lie down, and endeavouring to beat out the fire. Some cried out for water, others ran for blankets, while the remainder seemed paralysed with horror.

In a few moments Stewart sank down, and by the aid of Mr. M'Laughlin, who arrived with a blanket, Detective Smith, and others, the fire was extinguished. A number of the bystanders then proposed to throw water on the sufferer, but Dr. M'Neely opportunely coming up, prevented the commission of that mistake. A hansom cab was immediately procured, and the sufferer was taken to the hospital.

The wounds did not appear to be deep, but the shook to the nervous system was fearful. Although sensible, he said he was quite free from pain, but he was evidently sinking fast. He died on Wednesday night.

He died intestate, as per a notice in December 1870 of Queensland Advertiser.
On Saturday 12th November 1870 the following reported that a Proposed Inquest on the Fire was rejected.  The applicants included Alexander Grant!

In 1865 Alexander Grant married an Agnes McCallum, who may have been the daughter of Archibald and Jane McCallum, allowing for transcription errors.  She was the same age as their daughter Marion (MaryAnn), when she died in the accident.


A link now to the Duncan family

Secretary of the Caledonean Society

John Stewart was a Farm Servant from Argyle and his parents were Hugh Stewart and Ann
Ann Stewart  b  1812 his wife was the daughter of Duncan McMillan and Euphemia Stewart

Duncan Stewart b 1838 arrived on the John Davies 1855 with Parents John Stewart and Ann McMillan.  He died in 1914

Hugh Stewart died 1919 was a brother.  His wife was Margaret Ann McIntyre  and their daughter Jane Isabella Stewart  married David Blackether Duncan


John N McCallum was the manager of the Lyceum Theatre in Brisbane and in 1914 the Cremorne Theatre South Brisbane.  He married in 1916 Lilian St John-Smith (Dyson) and in 1918 they had a son, John Neil McCallum.

That John McCallum, was one of Australia's most famous names in Theatre.  He died in 2010.  He married Googie Withers, well known for so many acting roles.

John McCallum is survived by Googie and their children, the actor Joanna McCallum, Nicholas and Amanda.
Few people have been as active in the hurly-burly of show business as John McCallum, who worked on several continents and over seven decades. The public knew him as an actor but there was much more besides to account for his 1971 CBE, and being made an officer in the Order of Australia in 1992.
John Neil McCallum was born on March 14, 1918, in Brisbane, one of three sons to the theatre owner John McCallum and his wife, Lilian Dyson.
He remained closer to his father after his parents' marriage ended but attributed to his English mother his flair for drama and the fact that he was sent to school in England. She felt that if he was going to be an actor he had better acquire an English accent, as Australian roles were limited. Her advice proved good, and he lived to see the benefits of his own work in helping to remedy the lack of opportunity for Australian actors.
After being educated in Australia and England before World War II, McCallum trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and acted in repertory theatres in England. He served in the Australian Imperial Force from 1941 to 1945.

Bit of a case of Who Do You Think You Are?  I wonder if they ever knew of their grandparents days in Bracken Ridge and Bald Hills!

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