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BRS 8 Scottish Families W Davis; T. Mc Naught

William Davis

William Davis arrived on the "Helenslea" in 1862

Hope-street, South Brisbane 999
WANTED a RUNNER for Broughampton House, Margaret-street. Apply to
WILLIAM DAVIS, Proprietor.

There are a few options for William Davis.  It could be the same William Davis who found himself on a manslaughter charge with John Buckby.

It could be William Davis, who ran a business in Brisbane.
Or who was Town Clerk in Rockhampton.  There are many many options!

There was a William Davis who lived in the Pine River District as per the notice, but he unfortunately died in 1871 as a result of an accident.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Saturday 4 March 1871 p 1 Advertising

... ENGLAND. JAME8 MAITLAND. WILLIAM DAVIS. Msrch 4, 1871._2029 NOTICE. IN accordance with Gazette 


Thomas  McNaught

On board the Helenslea was Thomas McNaught and his family.  



Daniel W





The Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1861 - 1864) Wednesday 13 August 1862 p 2 Article

... -sage :—She sailed from Gourock Bay for Brisbane on the 23rd of April, with 319 passengers, under the command ... carrying out this arrangement Mr. McNaught read sermons from the pen of several celebrated divines. T

Thomas McNaught appears to have gone to New South Wales, and worked as a teacher.
His daughter married in 1877.

18, at Araluen, by the 
Rev. S. F. McKenzie, John Patterson, solicitor, Tamworth to Charlotte, second daughter of Mr. Thomas McNaught, of Araluen.  1877

Before closing my hurried sketch of Araluen, I must not fail to give some few particulars respecting   
the public school at Redbank, the master of which is Mr. Thomas McNaught. The few minutes I had to spare I was much gratified and pleased with what I saw. There are at present on the roll 137 boys and 120 girls, with an average attendance of 197 boys and girls daily; two principal teachers, one male
and one female ; also three pupil teachers, one male and two females. I stopped to hear some of the
children examined, and their proficiency and intelligence were beyond my anticipation. I hope to go
to the Valley again before leaving, when I shall certainly pay a longer visit

THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. THOMAS McNAUGHT, late public school master of Araluen and
Broughton Creek, are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral; to move from his residence, Park-road, St. Peters, TO-MORROW  (Tuesday) MORNING, at 8 o'clock, to proceed to Newtown station, thence Pres. cemetery, Rookwood. 

He may have had a family relationship with Daniel McNaught whose son also tended to be in the Ministry.  This family arrived prior to the Helenslea

In  1914 A William McNaught of Sandgate died:

There passed away on March 22 an old resident of this State in the person of Mr. William McNaught of Sandgate, the third son of the late Mr. Daniel McNaught, builder. Mr. McNaught, who
was 59 years of age, had resided in this State practically all his life. He was born in Sydney on February 26, 1855, and in March at the same year he arrived in Brisbane by the s.s. Boomerang. As a
young man be studied for the Methodist ministry, and was appointed a probationer. He was first stationed at Bundaberg and afterwards in Gympie, but on account of a serious breakdown in
health, he was compelled to resign. He paid a visit to the old country in search of health, and returned to Brisbane much benefited by-the change, and sea voyage.
He then entered the bookselling business, and continued to follow this occupation till the end of last year, for a time with Mr. Wm. Hopkins, of Rockhampton, and for the last 12 years with
Messrs.Gordon and Gotch, of this city.

Mr. McNaught leaves a widow and grown up family of two sons and three daughters, besides a large circle of friends.


Yet another McNaught family were in business in Brisbane.  Coming form Dunbartinshire, this family included Jane McNaught who married John Petrie

And another relationship, a Mr Mc Naught was on the same board of directors of the No 4 Building Society as Mr Alfred Slaughter.  This may be a family relationship with Thomas McNaught and family.

This information from the Paddington Cemetery researchers.


George Dudley Webb, who died on September 11, 1870, aged 70, was secretary and general manager of the A.U.S.N. Company. He and W. J. Costin, the chemist, were two men chosen by the shareholders of the Brisbane Permanent Building Society, in 1863, to audit the books.

Alfred Slaughter was the manager of the company, and old Robert Cribb was one of the principal shareholders. Cribb bossed Slaughter and had a free and easy way of taking deeds away to his own office, and some were not returned. This gave the shareholders an idea that there was something wrong, and hence the audit by Webb and Costin.

No one doubted old Bobbie Cribb’s honesty, but he had a loose style of doing business, and the auditors found it necessary to enter a protest.

This made the old fellow very wild, and he assailed the auditors in great style, but they all survived.

One of Webb’s daughters, a girl named Alice, aged 19, died on November 14, 1864. His son, Ernest Webb, was a well known man as Resident Secretary of the A.M.P. Society. He married a daughter of L. A. Bernays. Ernest was an enthusiast in boating, and was an active member of the rowing club.

It is quite certain that Webb’s early death was attributable to chiefly to an unlucky speculation in Mount Morgan shares. He was one of the victims of Billy Pattison’s foolish bet of £10,000 that shares would reach £20. Webb bought heavily and found himself involved when shares were falling. The prospect of failure broke his heart in a few days after the receipt of the bad news. His brother, Harry Webb, went in for pastoral pursuits, on the Logan.

Alfred Slaughter's story is told in subsequent chapters.


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