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BHBR 21.4 Early Residents - Charles Deagon Slaughter

Census records show that in 1921 there were 54 people recorded as living in Brackenridge.

 Many of those families were the sons and daughters of the original farmers.

The Slaughter family were no exception.

Mr Charles Slaughter, was living at his property called Wahroonga, Bracken Ridge in 1932 at the time of his Golden Wedding.

His son Charles Deagon Slaughter married  Ethel Perkins.  Ethel was born 30th September 1910 the daughter of George Herbert Perkins and his wife Sarah Ann Boe.

George Perkins was born 1890 the son of Alfred Perkins and Gertrude Maria Parry

1939 B34493Charles DeagonSlaughterEthel MayPerkins

Charles became a pineapple grower, just like his neighbours.  His property was on one of the highest blocks of land in the area.  Today his home still stands in Slaughter Street Bracken Ridge.

In 1936 Charles Deagon, was living at Inglenook, 6th Avenue Sandgate a Farmer

In 1943 Charles Deagon and Ethel May are living at Rivington, Barrett Street Brackenridge.  Fruitgrower

Vivian and Frank are living at Gladville Farm, listed at farmers and Herbert Stockwell is living at Deagon Street Sandgate as a farmer.

By 1936 there is another family of Slaughter who are poultry farmers at Handford Road. Zillmere

Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), Wednesday 30 December 1937, 

A beautiful lady, and the resemblance to her daughter Desley is uncanny.

Their grand-daughter Desley, was a very popular role model for the children of Bracken Ridge.

For years Desley taught ballet and modern dance.  She was a very patient and understanding teacher.

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