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BH 4..3 Landowners Haynes, Corner, Simpson, Ward, McNevin

Researching the Landowners

The northern side of what used to be known as Hoyland Street Bracken Ridge, now known as Bracken Ridge Road, and previously to that, Bald Hills Road, and prior to that the Government Road, to Sandgate!  was sometimes also referred to as "on the Sandgate Road" and "the Sugar Mill Road",  depending on who was describing the area!

All that changed dramatically when the roads were upgraded beginning in the late 1970's.

In 1879 the Bald Hills/Brackenridge lands were under the control of the Nundah Divisional Board.

In 1881 they called a tender for the upgrading of the roads.

Again in 1887 there was call for an upgrade from Carseldine's corner, which was the junction for the road to Sandgate!

The Carseldines referred to their property as being located Sandgate Road.  
     (On the)  

Quite confusing, lucky we have GPS today! 

Beginning at the corner of William Carseldine's land lot 36 and Archibald Cameron's land Lot 37, directly opposite, on what is today Northwind Estate was Lot 38 owned by Henry St John Bridgeman.

Mr Bridgeman held many land holdings, as the maps show, and his story is  in a separate chapter.

Next door to Henry Bridgeman running towards the mouth of the river, was land owned by W. Corner.

William Corner is very likely the  merchant who ran a store at Paterson in the Hunter Valley. There were a few William Corner's however it is the relationship of his wife, that indicates he may very well be the correct person.

 William Corner married Christina Stewart in 1848 in Seaham, New South Wales.  Christina Stewart was the daughter of Hugh Stewart and his wife Margaret.

 She died in 1869 in Paterson, in NSW.    William and Christina Paterson had a son, Frank Arthur Corner who was born in 1867 in NSW, another named William who was born in 1849.

William died in 1894, and his son was the executor.

Hugh Stewart, more than likely had links to the Stewart and Duncan family of Bald Hills.
As a merchant, he would benefit from being able to bring the crops and timber from a port located on the banks of the River.

Next door to Henry St John Bridgeman to the east towards Sandgate was Lot 101

William Haynes    Lot 101 - 63 acres at the mouth of the River. 

William Haynes purchased land next to that owned by Henry St John Bridgeman.

William was the Chief Landing Waiter and Inspector of the Bonded Warehouse in Customs in Brisbane.  He was promoted to that post in 1859, after previously being a Boatman.

He was involved in an interesting case regarding missing spirits, from the ship Yanikale, the article makes interesting reading.

The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 - 1861) Saturday 16 March 1861 p 2 Article
... Saw a case of poitei w ? th w bite kid gloves stowed in it Air William Haynes, landing waiter at the

William was the son of John Haynes and he died in 1867.  His will was probated to Bishop Quinn.

He had married Julia Foley in 1851.  Julia was the daughter of Charles Foley and Johanna Murphy.
The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939) Saturday 7 September 1867 p 6 Article
... THE WILL OF WILLIAM HAYNES. In the will of William Haynes, Mr. Harding moved that probate be granted ... 

Death: Haynes. On the 25th May at his residence Creek Street William Haynes Esq. Chief Landing Waiter, H.M. Customs.    Julia died 1911.


Throughout the research, the one thing that is common is the links between people who were the original landholders.  In the appointment notice of William Haynes, a Mr Daniel Somerset Rowntree Esq, was the Chief Clerk and Shipping Officer, in Customs Office.

In 1867 Henry St John Bridgeman another large landowner/speculator commenced work in the Customs office, after the financial crash of 1866, when the bank he was managing folded.

Today we may look at the lands and wonder "why would anyone buy there?"  The answer probably lies in the fact that the early settlers were pushing for a port to be built and for the area to become a developed to enable their goods to be sent to market.

On the southern side of Bald Hills/Bracken Ridge there are a number of lots listed, facing both Telegraph Road and Barbour Road.

In order to research the owners of the lands at the southern approach of Bald Hills/Bracken Ridge, the 1903 Electoral Roll was referenced.  The was mention of several families residing on Simpson's Road.  

My memories of that area are of flat land and then ti-tree swamp in the damp areas.  When four-wheel drives were being introduced, one of our neighbours decided to go for a "cross country" in his brand new vehicle.

Down Barbour Road he went, and did a "leftie" straight into the swamp and was bogged!  He never forgot his first four wheel driving experience.  

Modern day drainage techniques have changed the face of this area, now it is fully developed.  The first stage was called the Oaks Estate, and there were magnificent stands of tall pine trees everywhere.

How interesting is it that on the old map which shows the railway line, that a station has been marked in exactly where most of the residents had requested when we lived there!

The area is at the Telegraph Road intersection with the railway line.

Samuel Simpson was the son of Samuel Simpson and his wife  Nancy McLennaghan.  The family were from Scotland.  His father Samuel Simpson born c 1819 arrived in Australia on the ship "Darling Downs" in 1874.  Perhaps his wife had passed away by then.

Samuel Simpson married in 1867 Nancy Millar.              Samuel died in 1915

He spent his life at Bald Hills, and was involved with all sorts of community activities.
He was elected to the Nundah Divisional Board, and he was on Fruit growers board.
His local community involvement included being on the School Board in 1865, lobbying for better rail service, and helping his neighbours.

Family Notices
The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Saturday 19 January 1867 p 1 Family Notices

... -MILLER.-On the 21st December, in Fortitude Valley, by the Rev. Alexander Caldwell, Mr. Samuel Simpson, of Oxley .

Their children included:
Samuel                    b   1868
Ann Elizabeth          b  1870
Mary Agnes             b  1871
James Henry            b  1873
Jane                        b  1874
William                   b  1877
John                        b  1878
Edith Matilda           b   1880

He served his community

Classified Advertising

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Tuesday 14 August 1883 p 6 Advertising

. Roods, being portion 16, parish of Nundah. Applicant, SAMUEL SIMPSON. Dato, 11th September, 1883. 35 2 ... . Highgate Hill, South Brlsbun

Official Notifications.
The Week (Brisbane, Qld. : 1876 - 1934) Saturday 4 July 1885 p 7 Article

... *Ridley and Samuel Simpson have been appointed members for committee of the Stnte school at Bald Hills rice M ... 615 words

 In 1887 during the severe floods his property and others suffered.  They grew potatoes. The farmers affected were Duncan McPherson, William Hoskins, John Stewart, William Brown and Samuel Simpson.  Their farms were planted principally with potatoes all of which will be quite destroyed.

 The Floods.

The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939) Saturday 20 August 1887 p 301 Article

... , John Stewart, Wm. Brown, and Samuel Simpson. Their farms were planted principally with potatoes, all of ... entered several shops. The S

Classified Advertising

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Tuesday 14 August 1883 p 6 Advertising

... Roods, being portion 16, parish of Nundah. Applicant, SAMUEL SIMPSON. Dato, 11th September, 1883. 35 2 ..

 There was a registration of title recorded for a Samuel Simpson.  79 acres and 3 Roods, Por 16 parish of Nundah in 1883.

Classified Advertising
The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Thursday 30 January 1890 p 1 Advertising

... Mi. SAMUEL - SIMPSON, Farmer, Deceased, are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral to mo\o from ... his residence Bald Hills THIS (Thursday)) FORENOON, at 11 o clock for the Lutwyche Cemetery

A fire occurred at his property in 1893, in a hay bale.

His son married a rather "grand" lady


SIMPSON-POPE -On the 7th July at the Presbyterian Church, Roma, by the Rev. A Dunn, Maria, fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs. Richard Pope. Bowen House, late of Blythsdale and Wallumbilla, and granddaughter of Mr Alexander Murray Laird Murray, Monkland House, New Monkland 

Lanarkshire, Scotland, great granddaughter of Alexander Cochrane Ballie Lamington, Lanarkshire, Scotland, to Mr William Simpson, third son of Mr Samuel Simpson,        Bald Hills Brisbane.

Family Notices

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Tuesday 9 August 1904 p 4 Family Notices

.. Mr William Simpson,             third son of Mr Samuel Simpson,   ... ;      Bald Hills Brisbane.

Truth (Brisbane, Qld. : 1900 - 1954) Sunday 21 August 1904 p 7 Article

... of Mr. Samuel SimpsonBald Hills, Brisbane.' How can a plain, common, every-day Simpson, whose

(Interesting article)

However there was a rather sad event in 1910, when his neighbours perished in a house fire.


The tragic burning fatality which occurred at Bald Hills on the early morning of Sunday, 8th instant, whereby   Mr. and Mrs. John McNevin, an aged  couple who had recently celebrated their golden wedding, lost their lives, was the subject of magisterial enquiry by Mr R D. Neilson JP yesterday. Sub-inspector  Ferguson examined the witnesses.

A young farm labourer named Oliver Francis Lang who resides with his father about half a mile from McNevin's late residence, stated that on rising at 5 a.m. he saw a blaze in the direction of Mr McNevin's. He dressed quickly and ran to the neighbouring farm of Hinton's where Victor Hinton joined him and they   ran to the fire, finding the whole house, which consisted of four rooms, in flames. Witness ran round the house and Hinton jumped on to the veranda, but was driven back bythe flames. Hinton then ran to alarm Hugh McNevin, a son of the deceased couple who lived about 200 yards away, witness remaining by the house.   When Hugh McNevin arrived breathless, he wanted to rush into the burning house to rescue his parents, and witness and Hinton had to hold him back. The trio could do nothing but look on while the flames completed the work of devastation. Witness had known the aged couple for a   number of years, and had never heard an unkind wold uttered concerning them ; he thought the fire must have been accidental and was of opinion that it started in the middle of the house. Later in the day he was present when Constable Geise re-covered the two bodies from the ruins.

Edward Victor Hinton a young farm  labourer gave corroborative evidence. The whole building was in flames when he arrived. He had difficulty in awakening

Hugh McNevin who is rather deaf and   who subsequently ran to the fire clad in his pyjamas and attempted to get into the burning house but was restrained by witness and Lang. While looking on witness saw what appeared to be a human body fall through the burning floor.

Hugh McNevin, a son of the deceased   and a pineapple farmer, said that when he was aroused his parents' house was one   mass of flames and when he arrived it was   too late to do anything. He last saw his parents alive on the previous Saturday evening when he milked their cow for them and promised to come over in the morning, to milk it again. His father used to complain of sleeplessness and nervousness and was not very well on Saturday night. 

Witness thought the fire must have been caused by his father smoking or by a lamp which might have been kept alight in the room on that particular night as he was unwell. His father did not smoke in bed, and in his opinion the fire was purely accidental. 

His father was bom in Argyle Scotland and was a colonist of 54 years standing.

Samuel Simpson dairy farmer at Bald Hills and Alexander Macpherson, black-smith of Bald Hills also gave evidence the latter stating that John McNevin had   told him that when he could not sleep

he used to rise and smoke. He had complained recently of feeling unwell and being unable to sleep. He thought the fire was accidentally caused by Mc Nevin's pipe or his dropping a match.

Constable Geise gave evidence of re-covering the remains of two adult human bodies fiom the debris. This closed the inquiry.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Wednesday 18 May 1910 p 3 Article

... and was a colonist of 54 years standing. Samuel Simpson dairy farmer at Bald Hills and Alexander ... BALD HILLS TRAGEDY. MAGISTERIAL INQUIRY. The tragic burning fatality which occurred at 

DISTRICT COURT. Civil Sittings.
The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Wednesday 2 December 1914p 2 Article

.. , of North Pine, sued Samuel Simpson, of Bald Hills, for £51 14s. lid., under an agreement in connection with the working of a farm at i Bald Hills. The defendant alleged various i breaches of the

Family Notices
The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Tuesday 4 May 1915 p 6 Family Notices  

... Mr. SAMUEL SIMPSON, deceased, are respect-     fully invited to attend his funeral, to leave from his ... late residence, Bald Hills, (Tues day) FORENOON, at 10.30 o'clock, for the Sandgate and Bald Hills

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Monday 22 November 1915 p 4  Advertising

... — December 28, 1915. Name of Deceased Proprietor.— Samuel Simpson, late of Bald Hills, near Brisbane, farmer ... Jane Simpson, all of Bald Hills, spinsters; find Edith Matilda Millar, 0f stralhpinc, near Brisbane .

Who Stole the Grapes ? An. Encounter in the Dark. Robbing Vineyards at Bald Hills.
The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Thursday 26 January 1893 p 6 Article

... Who Stole the Grapes P An. Encounter in the Dark. Robbing; Vineyards at Bald Hills, Mr. R. Capnor ... , the well-known die sinker and vigneron, who lives at his vineyard at Bald Hills, had a novel and


STEWART — McNEVINE. — On the 26th June, at Bald Hills, Pine River, by the Rev. Elder Gray, James, eldest son     of Mr. John Stewart, to Margaret, eldest daughter of     Mr. Archibald McNevine, both natives of Paterson,   New South Wales.    

There were relationships to be found in many of the settlers families.
Margaret McNevin, daughter of Archibald McNevin, married in 1872, James Stewart.

Her father Archibald Mcniven was born in 1822 in Argyll, son of Duncan Mcniven and Mary Myintyre.  He died in 1881 in Queensland.

Isabella Mcniven born 1857 in Paterson, New South Wales.  Her parents were Archibald McNevin and Janet Stewart!

Another link with the settlers who came from the Paterson district.

Mr and Mrs Mcnevin who died were John Mcnevin, born c 1829, married Ann Muir in 1858, and died 1910.

William John Ward was a Doctor in Brisbane.  Dr Ward was in fact a surgeon, and he was involved in many land purchases.  Lots 3,4,7,8,9 are more towards Zillmere.

The Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1861 - 1864) Friday 20 February 1863 p 2 Article
... was viewed by the jury. The sub-joined evidence was taken. William John Ward deposed : I am a legally ...

William John Ward was the son of William John Ward, and his mother was Smith.  He married Mary Kelly in Brisbane.   They had a daughter Elizabeth Ward, who was born 1875.  Mary died at their home in Kate Street Sandgate in 1896.  Dr Ward died in 1900, in Geraldton, North Queensland, at the home of his daughter.

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